Madeleine and Hogan Married - KRISTINCRAWFORDPHOTO.COM

Madeleine and Hogan married! We have known Madeleine and Hogan for some years now. We have had many dinners and meaningful conversations with Madeleine. Mathew also assisted teaching one of their theology courses at Baylor. We were over the moon when they asked us to photograph their wedding. The wedding was a delight. One of our favorite parts of the day was the time they spent together alone (with us). They gazed into each other’s eyes, laughed, and chatted while we photographed them loving each other. The ceremony, which for these two who want to become Episcopal priests, was the center of their day. Coming together around the Eucharist (Lord’s Supper/Communion) and joining in holy matrimony, they sought the promise that God will not only be present in that moment but for their lives married together as a whole. We want to join with them in the hope of a life full of God’s presence, even in the moments when they don’t feel this hope. Blessings Madeleine and Hogan. May you have many years of joy together.


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