Mat and I have know Lauren and Luke's families for 12 years now. Mat taught Lauren in high school and I coached her in volleyball. When she told us she was engaged and asked us to shoot their wedding we were delighted. Their wedding was held in Lauren's parent's backyard and was a photographers dream with so many cool spots all in one location. The day started out a little overcast and sure enough turned into an out right rainy day - but that did not get Lauren and Luke down. They decided to pop open their umbrellas and roll with it.  As you can see in the photos below Luke and Lauren and their family and friends had a wonderful time celebrating their union - the rain even seemed to add a bit of fun to the day - something to remember. We all finished the evening on a dance floor built with Luke's own hands. It was a fitting place to end a great day for such a creative and unique young couple. We love you Luke and Lauren and wish you the best.

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