Ariel and Josh began their life as a married couple a few Saturdays ago on a wonderful ranch in Axtel, TX. When we photograph weddings we always have a great time and feel the privilege of witnessing such a special and intimate event. Ariel and Josh, more than just letting us observe and capture memories, made us feel like part of the family. This not only speaks to their welcoming character as a couple, but it allows us to photograph honest and special moments of the day that would not be possible otherwise. When they are laughing, crying, or looking seriously into the camera, they didn't hesitate or hold back as if strangers were taking their pictures. This is a great honor for us as photographers. Developing these friendships, often very quickly, is the greatest part of our job.

Ariel and Josh's love, their joy, their gratitude, shines through these photographs. As you can see below, they could not be more delighted to begin their married life together. They are both terrific people, and we have no doubt that whatever life's challenges they face they will always be each other's perfect companion .


Waco, TX photographer - babies, seniors, engagements and families
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