I am Kristin – a mother, a creative, a child, a lover. I photograph people – young, old, tall, short – often happy, sometimes sad, but always beautiful.  

With my handsome husband Mathew and our three sons Judah, Titus, and Uriah I live between two worlds: Texas and Ohio. During the academic year Mathew works on his doctorate in theology at Baylor and I photograph babies, families, and seniors in the Waco region while we both care for our rambunctious boys. Ohio natives, we return home for the summers near the shores of Lake Erie, photographing weddings as a husband-wife team as I continue photographing portraits.

It has been ten years since I captured my first professional photos, and as my skills and artistic approach evolve, one thing remains the same – my love for capturing the wondrous faces of the many clients that I now call friends. With every picture I present to doting parents, infatuated newlyweds, or hopeful graduates, I am filled with a deep comfort and joy that I helped preserve the unique loving bond of that moment.

When I look at photographs of my own family, I know the priceless worth of remembering all the stages of our lives together. No matter what trials of life threaten to separate us from each other, these images remind us of our love that can never be broken – for that I am humbled and thankful to call myself a photographer.

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